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Welcome Aboard!

The Newport Beach Council of the Navy League welcomes you to our page.

President Ronald Wilson Reagan

Salutes Our Navy
USS Essex LHD 2
Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach
USS America  LHA6

Welcome aboard!

We are the Newport Beach Council of the Navy League of the United States. The Navy League of the United States was founded in 1902 with the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt. The Navy League is unique among military-oriented associations. It is a civilian organization dedicated to the education of our citizens, including our elected officials, and the support of the men and women of the sea services and their families. The objective and purpose of the Navy League is educational and motivational. We acquire and display before the citizens of our country, information as to the conditions of our naval and maritime forces. We stimulate interest and support in all matters which aid our maritime capabilities. The inception of the Newport Beach Council dates back to the spring of 1987 when its founder Walter Ziglar organized a group of 43 individuals. Our council currently has an active membership of over 175 individuals. Over the years the Newport Beach Council worked closely with the Tustin and El Toro Marine Bases providing assistance to families, and presenting awards to Marine’s of the Quarter / Year. With the closing of both bases, our Council now serves the interests of the San Diego Naval and Submarine Base along with Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Station.

  The Newport Beach Council has also adopted the third United States Navy Nimitz class Super-carrier. The carrier is named after a Navy advocate and Congressman from Georgia, The USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). The Vinson was launched in 1980 and undertook her maiden voyage in 1983, she then underwent refitting and overhaul between 2005 and 2009. Carl Vinson’s call sign is “Gold Eagle” and is noted for being the ship that the body of Osama Bin Laden was disposed of in 2011 from her deck. Later that same year, on Veteran’s Day, she played host to the first NCAA basketball game on an aircraft carrier, between North Carolina and Michigan State. Our Council actively participates in the award ceremonies for Sailors of the Quarter and Sailor of the Year as well as Change of Command Ceremonies. We are a very active council as programs and activities are the lifeblood of this organization. As often as possible, we have tours and day cruises on our adopted ships.  There is nothing quite like spending a day at sea with the men and women of the United States Navy.  Depending on the ship, budget, and cycle of deployment, you may see hovering Harrier jets, Marines fast roping onto the deck to set up defensive positions, Hovercraft slipping into the bowels of the ship, an up close catapult launch of an F-18, or hear the distinctive crack of the same jet breaking the sound barrier. (something you won’t soon forget). If you are into programs, activities, and philanthropy as well as supporting our military, the Newport Beach Council is the one to join.

USS Carl Vinson
Navy League National Exposition

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The NLNB council, invites you to Join us on our cruises

Our members attend periodic "Tiger Cruises", from Hawaii to San Diego, as well as day cruises exclusively for friends and family of our sponsored ships. As a member and contributor of the Newport Beach Council you are eligible to come aboard on these periodic cruises as well as join the crew on awards ceremonies and other events allowed by The Navy.

The NLNB council, sometimes gets to ride along on different crafts.

Due to our special relationship with the Navy...sometimes get to ride along on aircraft and ships that most people do not get to experience.

Bosun's pipe given as Award

Our council, honors the Sailors and Marines of our sponsored units with unique, awards.

Our goal is to award recipients with gifts they will proudly display for a lifetime, and pass on to their heirs in perpetuity. With that in mind, we eliminated paper certificates in 2013, replacing them with Bosun Pipes and USMC KA-BAR's.  After this change, feedback from our Sailors and Marines, has been phenomenal.  See the contact page, or click on the picture above for more details